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What is KITE?
Kids Interactive Expedition is a 4 day journey of discovery in Bukit Merah, Perak for Hornbill group (age 10-12years) and 5 days experiential learning in Belum Adventure Camp, Pulau Banding for Pioneer group (age 13-15 years) as well as 16 year olds from Navigator group.
KITE focuses on the study of flora, fauna and other important aspects of the forest, mangrove and overall ecological environment.
With the support of Yayasan EMKAY studenta are given this opportunity for experiential learning in the outdoors.

KITE Objectives
The expeditions aims to build self-confidence of participants in the area of research and self-development.
To enhance positive communication skills and team work through presentations team building activities and scientific experiments.

KITE Principles
Promote intellectual curiousity and discovery among Malaysian youth.
Instill love, care and respect for nature.
Builds character and encourages teamwork, through the process of planning, experimenting, analysing, concluding and execution of scientific activivities. Highlights and fast tracks the concept of sustainability and the need to preserve and protect Mother Nature.
A call to action in daily routine of life to encourage a conscientiious effort to better the world.
To demonstrate to participants that outdoor scientific learning can be both educational and fun.

Expedition Overview
Participant groups :
- Hornbill (10-12years old)
- Pioneer (13-15years old)
- Navigator (16 years)

20 schools to be selected:
- Hornbill Age Group Category : 12 schools
- Pioneer/ Navigator Age Group : 10 schools.
Each schools sends FIVE participants (4 students + 1 teacher)
Each team will be assigned one key experimental study to be conducted during the expedition.
Full board and lodging will be provided to participants and teachers.

Sustainability School Projects
Each team will have to undertake a short sustainability project to promote sustainabilty concepts within the school as expedition pre- work. The project areas include energy saving, waste management, water saving, garbage composting and shared media usage to promote sustainability within the school environment.

Scope of Study:
1. Energy Utilization
2. Water Utilization
3. 3R project (Upcycling)
4. Waste Management Audit
5. Garbage to Garden Composting
6. Usage of Social Media to promote sustainability.

Suggested Categories of Experiments
1. Mammals (2 groups)
2. Plants and Tree Identification
3. Fungi
4. Bats & Night Sampling
5. Sustainability and 3R Projects
6. Science/ Eco Explorace

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