Hornbill Camps 2011

The pilot camp before formal Green Ranger camps was the international Malaysia Rainforest Scout Challenge for Senior scouts 20 years and older.
The next two camps were for the 10 - 12 year age level (the Green Ranger Hornbill level).
The first school to attend an official GR camp, was SK Sg Behrang in Sep of 2011 with 35 students attending.
The second camp was an international camp with SK TTDI, as the Malaysia school, and schools from Indonesia, Thailand and China also attending.  A total of 78 students and 25 teachers attended this international camp. All enjoyed their visits with the Orang Utans and their visit to Sg. Enam valley jungle base camp.  The international performances put on by the students were very creative and enjoyed by all.
The Hornbill Camp starts in OrangUtan Island in Bukit Merah Laketown Resort, Taiping.  On the first day the 10-12 year old students visit the Orang Utan, see the animals and creatures in EcoPark and then in a game called Web of Life learn how different species depend on each other in the cycle of life and how one species becoming extinct will effect other species.
The second day, the students watch an animated movie about conservation issues and short videos about Greeen Ranger Camps and Sg. Enam.  In the afternoon, they take a boat ride to visit Sg. Enam Jungle Base Camp.  There they measure biodiversity, trek to a waterfall and learn about the water cycle and the important role that the rainforest plays in the water cycle.  They then return to the mock-up Orang Asli village near the resort for an evening of challenges and fun. First,  they play a TV challenge quiz show like game to compete as to which team of students can answer the most questions about what they learned the past 2 days.  Then each team will present a short skit, singing songs or other performance, with all enjoying a good time.
The final morning, the students take part in activities to help them consider what they will do when they return to their communities to help protect the environment through Enviroment friendly projects and lifestyle changes.  On their way home, they stop by the Rainforest Research center where they learn what scientists are doing to help understand and protect the forest..
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