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The Green Ranger Malaysia Charter


To Nurture And Develop A Community Of Children & Young Adults To Become Responsible Stewards Of Our Natural Resources And Environment



To Educate Children & Young Adults To Become Informed, Engaged And Critical Thinkers To Lead The Charge For Sustainable Development


The Green Ranger Movement strives to develop and implement appropriate experiential learning programs to help promote the restoration, rehabilitation, conservation and protection of the environment through:

  • Creative and Fun Learning where children and young adults are nurtured to understand the connection between the environment and its ecosystems, the community and the world.

  • Engagement in Community Service projects that help to restore, rehabilitate, conserve and protect the environment.

  • Educational Focus on Sustainable Development that aims to meet human needs (such as energy, water and food) while preserving the environment – to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future generation.



Principles and guidelines
Guiding principles to accomplish our VISION and MISSION include:
  1. Adopting a problem-solving learning approach that helps Rangers to understand what it means to be positive and productive members in their respective schools, homes, businesses and communities in areas of environmental sustainability and biodiversity protection.

  2. Providing an integrated approach in seeking solutions to current and potential world environmental issues.

  3. Inspiring and motivating Rangers through active and engaged learning to acquire in-depth knowledge of the environment and biodiversity.

  4. Imparting knowledge and skills in technology and tools for Rangers to understand and appreciate their environment and its biodiversity.

  5. Training Rangers to be environmental leaders so that they become ambassadors to their respective schools and communities.

  6. Catalyzing members to form Green Ranger clubs and associations in their respective schools and universities.

  7. Spreading messages of love, care, respect and protection of the environment and the wise and sustainable use of its bio-resources.


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