Laketown Adventure Park (LAP)

lapThe current major attractions are the waterpark and Eco park which have been around for close to 20 years.

The challenge is to introduce new products and services while retaining investment in waterpark, Eco park and conversion of chairlift into something exciting and useful.

The adventure park will be integrated with the waterpark and Eco park.

Adventure Park Development
The reason most guests do an adventure tour is to have a good time with friends and family, not develop fitness or overcome anyone or anything. Therefore, to be successful the attraction must accommodate guests with varying fitness levels and provide a friendly, non-competitive, safe and achievable experience.

The adventure guest, as opposed to adventure sportsman is with little or no skill, knowledge or experience and is ill-equipped to take any personal responsibility, much less make decisions, and so requires the help of trained personnel to participate. A high adventure attraction must be designed and operated to reflect this one-sided responsibility. There must be no illusion to the operational level of excellence required for FLO.

High adventure tour guests seek the illusion of risk not real ones. Guests do not expect to have to work too hard or get hurt on a tour; they expect to have fun – so the attraction must be exciting but with little actual risk. LAP development and operations must reflect this throughout from planning, development, execution and operations.

The LAP products to be designed need to cater for high-volume, commercial attractions and need to comply or exceed standards published by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) at the same time.

The tour must ensure the attraction operates safely and professionally over the long term.

Zip line adventure tours of all varieties, adult and children rope courses, have all sky-rocketed as the number one preferred activities within the adventure tourism industry worldwide. Nature-lovers, thrill-seekers, tour operators and vendors alike cannot get enough of these thrilling, high-return attractions.

We believe that this proposal lays out the ultimate synergy between Bukit Merah Laketown, OUI, and GRM bringing the objectives of entertainment, education, environment, and conservation together, in one seamless innovative product experience.

Download LAP flyer here!

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