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Welcome Note  – Heading towards GRM 2020 and Beyond.

We are now in our seventh year of our journey to bring environmental awareness and a love for our magnificient forests to society at large and students in particular.

While inculcating a love for nature through an experiential approach we add a strong educational and outdoor angle to provide an in depth and holistic connection to nature .
Since 2011 we have brought thousands of children and youth to our jungle camps at the exotic Belum Adventure Camp and affordable and friendly Laketown Adventure Park and Nature Education Centre at Bukit Merah near Taiping. All this is conducted with a high regard for safety and health.

Besides the standard 2n3d GRM Camp, we introduced the highly successful K.i.T.E – Kids Interactive Expeditions in 2014. The 2016 edition saw K.i.T.E at the newly minted LAP at Bukit Merah bringing new standards in children scientific explorations, where night sampling was introduced for the first time.

We had throughout placed a strong emphasis on developing appropriate content for the different age groups ranging from children to corporates in ecology, science, environment, outdoor, extreme sport and even business in a green world.

In 2017, we will have an updated website, a new GRM video and will start introducing JungeBook, an online learning management system as well as a badging accreditation system. GRM 2020 initiatives will better institutionalize GRM as a reliable support system for schools, communities and NGO’s bringing nature and environment closer to people, so they can better participate in its protection.

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